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Traveling Tips

  1. India has a warm climate almost 8 months in a year (Except the Himalayan ranges). Therefore, always carry cotton clothes.
  2. We provide services like traveling tips in india. Always carry photocopies of your passport, travel visa, airline tickets and necessary documents. Original should be kept safe in hotel room or other safer place.
  3. Another important traveling tips for india is indian cuisines are well known for their spicy culture. First-time travelers to India may well be fascinated by the exotic array of spices, cuisines and affordability of street and hotel food, but it is advisable to taste spicy food someday after accustom with Indian climate.
  4. Mineral water is your best companion while in India's tropical climate and is your safest bet for keeping various contaminated-water related ailments at bay and also for brushing your teeth.
  5. Always carry necessary first-aid items with you.
  6. All foreign nationals can use credit cards, traveler's cheques or foreign currency for the payment of all their bills, though they may use Indian rupees in case they can furnish proof of having exchanged money legally.
  7. Please remember that most of the banks in India function from Monday to Friday from 1000 hours to 1730 hours. So, please make arrangements for bank transactions and business dealings with either group keeping these timings in mind.
  8. Beware of shammer and guides. Never leave your luggage, briefcase or other items unattended.
  9. India is conservative as well as religious country so respect all the shrine and places of worship. For women if possible wear a scarf wherever require
  10. Do remember to carry insect repellent , mosquito coils, or even a electronic repellent especially while traveling to remote places or excursion to hills and jungles.
  11. Those tourist attractions in restricted areas such as Arunachal Pradesh, Nagaland, and some part of Kashmir must procure Special Restricted Area tour permits that are issued by authorized Indian Tourist Offices.
  12. Try to learn elementary Hindi language as it is almost usable in every state.
  13. Do carry sunglasses, sunscreen and a hat.
  14. For woman traveler, never accept a ride to..…any where..…if there's someone accompanying the driver in a taxi or an auto-rickshaw.
  15. Most of the Indian restaurant do not offer beefs and porks. So do not upset them by asking to serve beef and pork.
  16. Do not point your feet and back towards the Holy Book / the idol / altar. In a Hindu or Sikh temple, sit cross-legged or tuck your feet away.
  17. Get your domestic tickets done in advance and save some precious energy and time.

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