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Payment Policy

We have a smooth payment policy for our clients. To ensure a well organized travel package, just follow our simple list of payment options:

Credit cards
On-line credit card payment system is widely used payment transaction, which is safe. Except our service provider your credit card details will not be shared with anyone. After all the buying such as hotel rooms, transportation etc. all the transaction detail will be sent to you. Our credit card payment mode offer a secure payment options for users wanting to pay through their credit cards. We only accept Visa/American Express/Amex cards. In addition to the amount billed, an extra service tax will be added to your billed amount.

Payment also be made by cheques or by demand draft. Payment through cheques and draft should be made payable to “ Tour Operators of India” . If you are paying through cheques or draft, a specified name and other details will be provided to you and you'll have to pay the requisite amount on the same. After receiving your booking request, the requisite amount will be notify to you within a certain period. All the transaction, all the documents will be faxed or courier to you immediately after the receipt of payment.

Half payment mode
We will give you leverage to pay half while booking the tour package. However, you have to pay the remaining amount after you come to India.

You can cancel your booking by sending us the booking confirmation no. or order id. After receipt your details and verification, your advance will be refunded to you via cheques/demand draft/ credit reversal. However, as per hotel policy we will deduct some retention charge. In case if you booked using credit card, a processing fee of 5% will be deducted. Credit card transaction tax is according to Indian government rule and we are not liable for any dispute. You have to cancel your trip within a specific time period otherwise, a certain amount will be deducted from your advance. Retention charge is equal to one night's room charge for specified hotel rooms.

Hotel tariff
Indian hotel have published their room charges in both US dollars and Indian currency. Sometimes some hotel have published charges in either Indian currency or US dollar. However, the Indian rupee tariff is applicable only to Indian citizens and foreigners and non-resident Indian have to pay in US dollars. However, foreigners who are working in India with valid work permit can pay their bill in Indian currency.
You have to pay transport tariff in Indian currency.

Payment security
As a responsible travel organization, we sincerely take care of your payment system. Marked as a name in the industry we can understand the apprehension in client’s mind about payment. Therefore, we assure you that all the transaction impart in our site are absolutely safe and secure. We are latched with latest technology in which we encrypt you credit card details and transmitted over the Internet. Only we can share your details with our trustable service provider.

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