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Indian Culture And Heritage

Classical DanceIndia, an ancient land with zooming pinnacle long before anywhere in the world. Armed with rich heritage and colossal culture, India is well-ahead of other nations in terms of cultural and heritage treasure. The ancient classical arts-music, dance and song continue to flourish, supported by the state since independence.

Visitors from the west seems surprise with the limitless wealth of heritage and culture. Everything is so ancient and grand, courtesy to an unbroken civilization, which has evolved for thousands of years.

The most striking is perhaps the architectural heritage of India, which is both secular and sacred ranging from the relics of Indus Valley Civilization to Mughals magnificent marvels, Indian architecture speak loud of their beauty and esteem.

Monuments of religious nature, of course abound. India is a cauldron of religious diversity, embrace almost all the religion of the world. Every religion gave its own impression in the way of different architectural marvels. Splendid Buddhist monasteries and mounds are one of the best thing to see in India. Down to south, umpteen temples with various size and shape embellished the land like a newly wed Indian women, a metaphor well-suitable to Indian beauty.

Taj MahalThe contrasting character of the land is the biggest USP , where landscape changes from one region to another. If we are talking about heritage, north Indian heritage wealth is completely different from south style. North Indian heritage wealth was presented by various Islamic erstwhile rulers who built forts and palaces in a new style, blending Islamic and Hindu motif and ideas. Most of the monuments for which India boasting of were a gift from Mughals. One cannot escape from the glory of Taj Mahal while touring to India. On the other hand western part was ruled by Rajputs who gifted India with some fabulous forts and palaces. These forts and palaces in the midst of arid land is a great respite for travelers. With the advent of colonial rulers, European buildings were becoming notable entity. Some of the fine churches and buildings can be evident in Goa and various parts of India, gifted by Portuguese and Britishers.

Modern architectural marvels in Chandigarh has special mention in the list designed by renowned architect Charles Corbusier. Other than that special mention to the architectural heritage in several parts of India such as Kerala, Karnataka and Goa. Last but not least village homes in remote area have their arcadian elegance. Noteworthy are the mud and thatch huts of the wandering Rabaris of Kutch (Gujarat). We are provider of tours like indian culture and heritage, culture and heritage tours, indian cultural tour, indian heritage tour and many more.

Holi - Festival of Color India is renowned for its cultural wealth grateful to its ancient origins, foreign influences and diversity. Distinctive colors of different regions gives an unparalleled hue to its texture. Religion play a central role in the culture variation of Indians. India is a house of different religions giving a mutated shape also unique for its unity in diversity. Talking about culture, music and dance plays a pivotal role to enrich the culture of India. Various types of music and dance form , which place in the imagination of Indians. Range of musical forms in India is indeed phenomenal. Equally impressive is dance form of India,which is equally renowned in world for its elegance and uniqueness. With innumerable religions and languages with equally impressive diversity in lifestyle of people, festivals of India also strike with different notes. Every region has their own distinguish festivals that add jewels to Indian cultural wealth. India is known for her innumerable festivals with colors, carnivals, unending energy and unique rituals. One can get easily awed by the multiplicity of festivals that are evident in Indian society. One more thing that has an equal impact in Indian culture is the food. Food is diverse as and according to regions. Every regions has their own taste. It seems to intermingle with our society as well.

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